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10 Favorite Design Resources used in 2010

by: admin

Here is a roundup of my favorite resources used this past year.  Whether it be photographic inspiration or something as simple as adding a Facebook like button, these resources have helped me with my design.

First Moments with MAMP

If you would like to develop locally on your laptop instead of “going commando” and doing it on a server, get MAMP!  MAMP is short for Mac, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  So if you don’t want to “go commando” anymore.  Get MAMP!

Create WordPress Themes from Scratch

I like WordPress.  So should you.  If you don’t know what WordPress is, then boo for you. =(

Tilt Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Make your Mama look like a toy.

Hover Zoom Effect with JQuery and CSS

Hover, zoom, JQuery, and CSS what more could you ask for in a sentence.

50 Awe-Inspiring Underwater Photos

Cuz it ain’t fun if it ain’t wet.

Super Clean Fonts for Minimal Style Design

Clean.  Minimal.  Dope.

After Effects Fracture Design

Andrew Kramer is always “killin’ it” with AE tutorials.

Resize My Browser

Your audience comes in all shapes and sizes.  Test out the general demographic by heading over here.

Nivo Slider

The 2nd best ;) slider out there!  Pretty easy to implement as well.

How to Add Facebook Like Buttons to WordPress

Hit the like button at the bottom of this post!!!

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