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114psd Type

114.psd Type

by: admin

Emilio Gomariz noticed that Photoshop remembers the position of any window when you minimize it so he did what he thought was only natural- create a motion typography video from 114 files and six colors. Here is Emilio said about the project:

114.psd Type is a simple typography which I designed once again thanks to Mac OS X (maybe it reminds to Folder Type, also created with Mac OS X). The idea for this type came in when seeing that this operative system memorizes the position of any file or window when you minimize and maximize it. So I created 114 photoshop files (I only used six colors, I played with all possibilites in RGB with the numbers 0 and 255, excepted 0,0,0 and 255,255,255). Then I placed and ordered the files in the right position before minimizing them on the dock. And finally I captured the screen maximizing every file.

Now on to the video:

Here is a screenshot of the individual letters.

114psd Screenshot

Thanks to: Triangualtion Blog

114.psd Type from Emilio Gomariz on Vimeo.

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