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April Fools 2010 Guide

by: Giovanni

April Fool’s Day is upon us and I’m sure you’ve already been inundated with numerous “clever” Facebook updates from all your witty uncles.

April 1st is the one day that the IT department gets to go postal and let’s face it, it’s always nice to see giant corporations show they have a sense if humor (and usually the more self-effacing, the better). Here’s a list of our favorites so far:

Google changes its name to TOPEKA after the city in Kansas changed it name from Topeka to Google.


YouTube introduces “TEXTp”-a text only mode of viewing it’s videos. Check it out for yourself: TEXTp version vs. the original.


Starbucks listens to customer request for more sizes– introduces the “Plenta” and the “Micra”. [bonus points for having Tony Robbins pose for the pic]


Hulu releases a secret documentary: “Hulu Confidential For Internal Use Only”. Narrated by Alec Baldwin, it exposes their “alien plot” conspiracy.


CollegeHumor redirects you to a page that states,“Attention your IP address “XXX” has been logged by the US Department of Information”. Good thing there’s nothing illegal stored in your computer, whew!


Justin Bieber has bought Funny Or Die and now its Bieber or Die, “anything that’s not Bieber Dies!” [Raaaaaaaandy warned us to never trust this Bieber kid]


NASA finally got something right as they developed nanotechnology that can now be streamed into your PC and Ben & Jerry’s decided to merge it with their “state of the art coding script” to create the world’s first virtual ice-cream!


Here are a few more to check out:

Search Engine Land also has en extensive list of all Google-related April Fool’s websites.

Any good one we missed? Leave it in the comments. Happy April Fools!

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